Debugger problem: breakpointer is unavailable for changed code in IDEA > 9.0.1


I have IDEA 9.0.4 run on java 1.6.0_20, Fedora 13 32bit. When I make change in .java files and redeploy my web app under JBOSS 5.1.0.GA, the debugger does not recognize the changed lines and breakpoints become unavailable. For IDEA 9.0.1 everything works okay - breakpoints on changed/new lines of code appeared with exclamation mark and it worked fine.


a) code is
10 public String test() {
11   return "hello";
12 }
breakpoint is on line 11 and works.

b) debugger is on and I change code to
10 public String test() {
11   someVar ++;
12   return "hello";
13 }
15 private static int someVar = 0;
Now, after redeployment breakpoint on line 12 does not work any more (in code a) it corresponds to line 12 with "}"). However if I put breakpoint to line 11 I can check the value of 'someVar' in Watches.

What causes breakpoints not to recognize changed code in versions > IDEA 9.0.1 ?
Ask, if you need additional info.

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The same for IDEA 10.0 (IU-99.18).

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Ok, we've reproduced the problem. You can create an issue for that ( to track the progress.

The same for IDEA 10.0 (IU-99.18).


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