Freemarker template "Cannot resolve parameter"


here's a freemarker template:

<#-- @ftlvariable name="" type="java.lang.String" -->
<#macro sayHello >
    <h1>Hello, ${class}</h1>

<@sayHello />

Both occurences of the word "class" generate warnings in Idea 9.0.4. It seems that  this is because the syntax checker can't work out whether "class" is a  reference to the macro parameter name or to the "getClass()" method on  java.lang.String (change the parameter name to something that's not a method on the class and the problem goes away).

Particularly in the code that calls the macro, it's clearly not a reference to getClass(), and so the warning should be avoidable.

Is there a way round this? Should I raise a bug report?


- Dave

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Yes, please file a bug request


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