Java 1.5 on Linux with new EAP builds?

Has anyone got this to work? I've read the previous posts on the board. Basically, I'd like to run EAP 3200 with the jre from JDK 1.5 rev 1, but whenever I start it up it loads the splash screen and just hangs there. Are those of you using 1.5 on linux (Marcus, I think?) still on 3144 using Roman Dawydkin's hack, or is there another workaround I'm not aware of?

I'm trying to give Linux a fair chance as a windows alternative, and the ugliness of the font rendering in 1.4 is almost a deal-breaker, given that I now spend so much time in IDEA. Basically, IDEA has to work nicely to be worth it, and it's a shame when the rest of KDE is such amazing eye candy.

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