Flex facet with web facet: no Flex types are recognized (9.0.3)

I have a module with two facets: web and flex. Build works fine, but IDE does not recognize any of the Flex types, both built-in and from dependent libraries. It looks exactly like problem described here: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/thread/281175, so I tried all workarounds from this thread - added new Flex SDK, switched between SDK's, invalidated caches - nothing helps. I have another module with Flex facet _only_ (eg single-facet project) which works without any problems.  Any advice?

IntelliJ 9.0.3 IU95-429.

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First of all: do you find it convenient to mix Java and ActionScript/MXML sources in the same source folder? I think it would be better to store them in different modules so you will not have Flex and Web facet for one module.
But in any case Flex highlighting should be ok regardless of Web facet presence. Please make suire that ActionScript/Flex code is inside module source folders and check module dependencies once more. There should be 'AUTOGENERATED library equal to Flex SDK ...' and if you press 'Edit' it should contain the same SWCs as Flex SDK set for Flex facet. [Do not do manually modify/create/delete autogenerated library!] If no idea on what's going wrong please attach screenshots of some error and *.iml file for that module or screnshots of Dependencies tab and Flex specific libraries structure (including autogenerated).


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