git and mercurial?


I posted this question in the plug in forum but since it went unanswered I was hoping I had addressed the wrong audience so I am trying here.  Maybe its just a silly question.

I am new to both git and mercurial (but not SCM) and would like to try one out.

After reading about each for a few hours I can't really decide which one to invest some effort into. So, I decided to decide on which one to use by which one has better IDEA support.  I was hoping there might be a clear answer to that, but if not, maybe I'll flip a coin, or see if I can which one might work better under Mac OS X.

In any case, I'd welcome some thoughts on this question or more pointers to objective articles that compare the two.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Spencer,

I'd suggest to start with git then as it has a better IJ support at the moment. Moreover, JetBrains uses git itself during IJ development.

Regards, Denis


Thanks. Precisely the kind of info I was looking for.


Be aware that git support in the current EAP (98.402) has some major bugs: in some cases after commits the commited files still appear in the changelists, and in other cases changed files don't appear on changelists. It also seems to affect diffs: commit a file, and a diff on the file ignores the commit. It's somewhat hard woking with Idea/git with this situation.

I started to use git with this eap version and for now I'm waiting for the next EAP to restart work with Idea+git.

Edit: the bugs for this are marked as fixed in the next eap release.


Thanks for the heads up.


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