Can I dock tool windows together as tabs?

I like the new support for dragging out code editor tabs and merging them together in IDEA X.  Is there any way I can do this with tool windows - merge separate floating windows into tabbed views?  

I find the current system incredibly hard to use, there are just too many little floating windows.  Things pop up and disappear all the time, even when pinned, and the way I'm forced to overlap many, many windows is a bit last century.  Ideally I'd have one single separate window that contains tabs for most tools (Find, Run console output, Debug console output, Hierarchy, etc).  I want these things in the same place!  When I do a Find, it is then in a nice big window as a tab, and I can get back to my console output using a tab rather than having to find it under other floating tool windows.  If I want to see two things side by side, let me drag that tab out and have it float, like I can with code editor windows.

And not being able to have Run output and debug output as tabs on the same window is long overdue, I think.  

I realise it's not a particularly glamourous request, but on a multi-monitor system, I really want to have better management of what is shown on the 'other' monitor.  The undockable code windows is a step in the right direction.

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Yes, please - I've been waiting for such a feature for a long time.
At the moment (IDEA v10), it's still pretty hard to make effective use of secondary monitors for the various toolwindows.

Here are some relevant YouTrack tickets I could find:

"provide better support for moving toolwindows to second monitor":

"allow toolwindows to dock to windows containing floating tabs":


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> And not being able to have Run output and debug output as tabs on the same window is long overdue, I think.

Eight years later, I'd still like this feature please.

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Started using intellij and I like it except for this.

When I found myself working with 2-3 and even more projects open, the floating windows on my second monitor are pilling up like crazy.

I'm also using window's workspace to help but I don't understand how being able to set my maven output window to my maven window as a tab, making them a single maven window, is that hard to implement!  


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