Can't execute flexunit 0.9 test

I'm using IDEA X EAP IU 98.402 for Flex developing. I get error when try to execute flexunit tests:

[client] Access of undefined property NativeApplication.

I added to vmoptions this string:


but it's doesn't work for me.

Project is under maven and flexmojs. maven test build and run succesfull.

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Option to keep temporary files is now -Didea.keep.flex.temporary.files=true and it keeps FlexUnit launcher files as well as temporary flex compiler configurations. But I think that the cause is following. Please correct if I'm wrong.
1. Your pom has dependency on flex-framework, i.e. your main application is not an AIR one.
2. Some of libraries that you use has dependecy on air-framework and due to transitivity you have airglobal-[version].swc and airframework-[version].swc in imported module dependencies.
3. Because of air dependencies IDEA decided to generate AIR application as a FlexUnit launcher. And it can't be compiled because target-[project]-config-report.xml file that is used as base compiler configuration doesn't have dependency on air.

Workaround is to manually remove airglobal-[version].swc and airframework-[version].swc from module dependencies after reimport (File | Project Structure | Modules | [module] | Dependencies tab.
Respective issue and better workaround is

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You are right. I have removed dependency on air framework and test application compiled. Thank you.


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