new to intelliJ IDEA. need some help

hi every one. i am new to java, and new to intelliJ IDEA.
i learn java for half year, i only used text edtior like notepad, and SCITE to write java, then complier and run with command line.
then i try to use intelliJ IDEA. i got problem...
i cant even compiler my file. i dont know how to setup.
most of my simple prgram are console application.
i have my porject created. i have my souce code(a simple holle world for testing)then run. nothign happen.
what i do now is write code in IDEA(save me a lot of time), and complier with command line javac

is there any tutorior on IntelliJ how to work step by step?
thank you for help.

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Please check this page for IJ introduction demo.

Regards, Denis


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