IDEA 9.0.3 does not show User Interface

Update with information.
IDEA 9.0.3 still breaks.
IDEA X EAP release build still breaks.

IDEA X EAP self-compiled community edition works with identical settings, loading the same project. However, I have noticed that it intermittently black-screens.

IDEA 9.0.3 loads on my machine. It shows the splash screen, takes a place on the taskbar, and it seems like it should be working. The problem is that the user interface never shows. I can alt-tab into it, showing nothing. Not even a JFrame outline. Clicking on the taskbar item gives the same result. What should I try to get IDEA 9.0.3 running? (Other Java applications, such as JVisualVM, seem to be fine.) Problem persists with IDEA X EAP.

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