How Do I Configure for an Air Project ?

Hi All

Just loving intellij Idea X for Flex Development, once i'd got used to a few things that is ... lol ... Anyway the next thing is, how do i configure to develop Air Projects ?

Many Thanks

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Create AIR SDK, use it for your Flex module (Dependencies tab);
use AIR run configuration (also it is done automatically on right click -> Run/Debug);
generate AIR application descriptor and AIR installation file if needed (Tools | Flex | ...).
Some information is here (screenshots are partially outdated)

By the way look through all Flex related blog posts, a lot of interesting there
Also I recommend to see at least some of 50+ short videos by John Lindquist about effvective development in IntelliJ IDEA. These videos are based on ActionScript/Flex examples

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Excellent .. Many thanks for the advice, just successfully setup a test Air project ... woop woop ...................................... ;) B-) !!!


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