Eclipse Project Import / Eclipse RCP

Hi there,

I'm currently evaluating the use of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform for
one or maybe more of our future in-house projects. After reading
halfwards through "Contributing to Eclipse" I'm really fascinated about
all the stuff that is already there.

But as always there is one problem. I like Eclipse RCP as a application
platform but I can't stand it (yet) as an application development platform.

So, is anyone of you having the same prob? Eclipse as target and IDEA as
an IDE?

How do you do it? Is the Eclipse Project Import from Irida helping there
or will it be?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want a PDE (for all with no Eclipse contact
yet: Plugin Development Environment) port to IDEA. Just some tips or a
little support in some parts from my favorite IDE :)

Thanks for reading so far,


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I'm having the same problem. Do you have some tips and hints for me?

Or does someone have some information about this?




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