Maven JaspesReport - works by maven command line but not from inside IntelliJ

I am using the jasper reports maven plugin to compile a jrxml, and it works fine if I use mvn <goal, e.g. compile> from the command line. But if I try to run it from within the IntelliJ (Maven Projects->Lifecycle-(goal, e.g compile)) it gives me an error: [INFO] : org.codehaus.mojo.jasperreports.JasperReportsMojo@1482747 Error compiling report design : (....)

It is strange, it should work within the IDEA too.

Any thoughts?

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The problem was that in the maven configuration the runner was using an internal JRE, but the jasper pluging needed a jdk. In fact, maven should not use a jre because some plugins requires compilation.  I am not sure if this was the default option, but if it was, at least IntelliJ should prompt a message informing that the maven should NOT be executed under a JRE.


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