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Hi Raymond.
Probably I didn't get you problem correctly first time and IDEA-55889 is not related to your problem. Let's clarify your workflow and I'll suggest how to configure IDEA project for you.

- You want IDEA to compile SWF using sources from 'src' folder
- Compilation should be against SWC libraries already compiled by some other tool
-- Sources of these SWC libraries are located in 'sym_src' folder and
-- you want to edit these sources using IDEA and
-- you want your sources from 'src' to be highlighted against sources from 'sym_src'

Right? Did I miss anything?

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Probably configuring swc produced by fla to be a module dependency is the most correct solution. To do that:
- open File | Project Structure | Modules | <your module> | Dependencies tab
- click Add, select New Library (of any level: module, project of global)
- give any name to your library, click 'Attach classes' and select requred SWCs, click 'Attach sources' and select 'sym_src'

Note that 'sym_src' must not be a source folder (Sources tab).

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Very good. Thanks for your help.

One more thing, is it possible to get code hinting of classes in 'src' from 'sym_src', though this may not really neceesary.



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