Flex Developement in Intellij 9

Hi All

I have just downloaded the linux trail of Intellij 9 and i am looking at testing it for Flex development.  When i start a new project i dont get the option to create the wrapper files and other Flex options.  I have linked to the Flex 4 sdk, too ...

Any suggestions please as i have heard great things about the ide as a flex development tool ....

Many thanks

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You need to add a ActionScript/Flex module to your project. You can do this either when initially creating your project, or after creating a project. To do it after, go to File | New Module ( (ctrl+alt+shift+M). Alternatively open your Project Structure -- File | Project Structure (ctrl+alt+shift+S) -- select "modules" in the Project Settings section on the left, Then click the New Module (alt+Insert) icon (little plus sign). When you create your new module, select  "Create module from scratch", click next, and then the "ActionScript/Flash/Flex" module on the left where it says "Select Type"

There is a video at the following blog page that walks through creating a flex based project in IDEA (it is done on Linux, but the process is the same of any OS). http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2010/10/intellij-idea-welcomes-all-flash-builder-linux-users


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