URI not registered..

I have a package developed by some other group with basically extends ant task..

and my build.xml entry looks like

<project name "myProj" default="build" xmlns:myns="myns:com.mycomp.setup"

now intellij says URI not registered.

how do i register this kind of uri ?

I want some intelli-help   for  entries like

<myns:importpkg pkg="xyz/javamail">


So, as you can see there is no xsd, but just a package, how do i resolve this? possible ?

OS : windoz xp/sol 5.8

ant: Apache Ant version 1.8.0

software : IJ 9.0.3


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Click the red bulb to the left of the problem and you will see suggested
options (download or map manually)

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I did see the Lightbulb

so, the question is, How do I manually map, my com.xyz.cme.... classes to the name spaces , so I can refer to the elements ?

does IJ has any examples ?


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