Importing and running flex-mojos projects

I imported a pom.xml that includes several flex-mojos projects. The import seems to be fine, all dependencies are in order and the project is marked as a Flex project.
I can run the regular (Java) projects jsut fine, but when I try running a Flex project it asks me to specify the PHP home. My code does not include PHP it's a simple HTML that runs an SWF, must I install PHP?
If not, how can I configure the project to be debugged without PHP?

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I suppose that context menu for HTML file automatically created PHP run configuration for you. Looks like you should create Flex run configuration manually and provide path to you html wrapper there. SeeRun | Edit Run Configurations or respective action in toolbar combobox.
BTW it would be a good enhancement to automatically create Flex run configuration from HTML context if HTML file looks like wrapper. I've opened a request for that

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OK, I'm one step further with this. I ran into another problem now but it seems to be related to my project and not to the configuration.
Thanks for the help.


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