"Inspecting output directories..." -- hangs!

I've been wrestling with this for a day now.  When trying to compile/make a class Intellij displays "Inspecting output directories..." and stays there for HOURS!  I finally have to kill it.  I've rebooted, deleted the cache, deleted the "paths to delete.dat" file as was suggested on a couple other threads I found to no avail.  If I click on the background task I can see that it appears stuck on one directory and doesn't move.
I'm using 9.01

Please help!


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I have exacly the same problem. Nothing helps. It was making the same problem earlier, but after five or ten minutes it finished and my program compiled good. Now it tells "inspecting output directories" and i have to kill whole idea to stop it. Tried idea 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 with same result.

Thank you for any answer.
Tomas Dvorak

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Idea 9.0.3 - the same problem, very annoying, when are they going to fix it finally?

Did nothing, hit run - "Inspecting output directories.." hangs up to 10 minutes.
Deleted the "paths to delete.dat" didn't helped either, on the tenth random attempt after it - "Inspecting output directories..." again, had to wait another 10-15 minutes for it ((


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