annoyance with multiple projects open at once

Whenever I have 2 or more projects opened at once in different Intellij frames, the context randomly switches between frames after I perform an action. For instance, if I am in one frame and do a search and then close the dialog, the context will suddenly switch to another frame. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


I don't use idea with two open at once projects :)
I have only 2 Gb of memory and Idea with one project eats all of it
but i did see in this forums (or in Idea bug tracker) posts about this annoyance


I too have seen intermittent reports of this problem. To the best of my knowledge, it has always been on Linux systems, with Ubuntu (or possible all Debian based distros) being particularly susceptible to the problem. For example:

IDEA-56313 Focus switches to another IDEA frame when performing Find in Path with multiple projects open
IDEA-52107 Ubuntu: wrong window gets focus when multiple windows are open
IDEA-24950 Major focus issues with multiple projects open on linux

There is some discussion of the issue(s) in the above referenced bug reports. I can't find it at the moment, but I seem to remember either a bug report or a forum thread where one of the JetBrains developers was working with a number of Linux users that were having this problem. The thread went on for quite some time with a large number of posts back and forth. If I recall, he was never able to find the root cause, or it was a core Java bug. But my memory could be failing me on that.

As an FYI, I can tell you, as someone that frequently has multiple windows open (up to 4 at time), I've never had the issue on Windows.

What OS are you on?


I've switched to KDE instead of Gnome on Ubuntu because of a bug where the taskbar buttons of IntelliJ disappear all the time when you have multiple projects open. I have no idea whether this is a Gnome, a Java or an IntelliJ bug and who of those would be willing to solve it.

IntelliJ with multiple projects is very fragile and annoying. You can't even have a modal dialog open in both at the same time, e.g. to copy project settings from one to the other.

It seems to be really difficult to have Java, Gnome/KDE and dialog focus work together in a proper way...

I don't understand why IntelliJ doesn't just allow multiple processes, each open project being a different process, and each open project having its own dedicated IntelliJ database instead of all in one shared database, so that if IntelliJ crashes at least it doesn't have to reparse ALL your projects instead of just the one you had open and crashed.


I have the same issue for quite a while, this is pretty annoying it never gets fixed I work with 5 projects at once. Hope they look at this. 

Using macOS Sierra.


We're also seeing this issue with PhpStorm on linux.
Really annoying!


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