How do i keep the code reformatter from adding spaces before the last */ at the end of single line javadoc comments

I have several single line java doc comments:

/** This is a comment */

when i run the code formatter on the MAC using Intellij 9.0.2 using reformat code it add a space before the last *  every time I run it

/** This is a comment (spaces are added here */

Is there a setting that I missed or can change to keep this from happening.  It keeps pushing the */ out every time I reformat and I need to stop it.


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Hi Scott,

IJ formatter assumes that javadoc should be separated from '*/' all the time. There is no setting that changes that behavior.

Btw, why do you want the code to be formatted that way? I mean that it looks odd that you're ok with space between '/*' and javadoc start but don't want the space at javadoc end.

Regards, Denis


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