have svn:ignore issues with intellij on mac

Hi Guys,

hoping that someone can help me getting intellij svn to ignore files...

I have a project structure that looks like


resulting in an intellijstructure that looks basically the same. the root of my project is "myproject (projects/myproject)"

So, in order to add a couple of svn ignores i right-clicked on the root project node and selected /subversion/set property

i set the "svn:ignore" property to ".idea *.iml *.ipr *.iws". (also tried with newlines). Afterwards i went into "edit properties" to check that the property was there.

I also selected "apply recursively".

Nothing has helped, all files still are shown when i perform "subversion/commit directory" on the root.

Pointers would be much appreciated.

Cheers /Mathias

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