IntelliJ 9.0.3 refuses to index .java file as a class


I have a very simple project with an auto-generated Java source file.  The problem is, it's not being 'recognized' by IntelliJ as a class file.  how do I know? Build completes fine, but in the IDE, any references to that class within the same package show up as 'symbol not recognized'.

The class is in the right package and properly generated.

I have two suspicions:

a) the file is large, 70K lines.  Does IntelliJ have a limit on how big a file it can deal with?

b) it's a WSDL -> Java, and compilation generates this warning:  Note: /home/greg/jive/zuora/sample/generated/axis2/src/com/zuora/api/axis2/ uses unchecked or unsafe operations.  Could this be the reason it's not treating the file properly?  Doesn't seem like it should be any issue, the error is fairly common.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Greg,

Please complete minimal standalone project that illustrates the problem.

Regards, Denis

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IntelliJ IDEA indeed has a file size limit. This limit is defined in the in the bin directory of the InteliJ IDEA installation directory and looks like this:

You might try if enlarging this value get you the behavior you need.



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