IDEA 9.03 - Visual SourceSafe integration

It's been months since I posted and I wanted to take a few minutes to compliment the IDEA team on a fantastic job with the Visual SourceSafe integration. Unfortunately, my current client uses Visual SourceSafe - a configuration management system that is very Windoze specific. I found the documentation a bit sparse and I wish it were a little bit more elaborate, but I managed to define the Visual SourceSafe server info to IDEA. Once that was done, it was like a sea change. IDEA without configuration management integration is badly crippled.

It's been weeks since I've been using this and am very happy with IDEA support for VSS. Great job guys! I'm thoroughly impressed. One more thing I should mention. I'm not a JavaScript fan or developer but my client uses it quite a bit. I find IDEA's JavaScript inspections totally brilliant. I've found some errors with these inspections and fixed them right away.

My client is an Eclipse and JDeveloper shop. I'm the only one using IDEA here and am grateful that they allow me to use my own IDE.

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