Metal L&F with Ocean theme (on JDK5)

For B#3117 I'm now using JDK5 as underlying VM for IDEA (also tried this with earlier builds, always got errors), which seems to work well (and its even faster :-).
What I'd like to do (at least try) is using the new Ocean theme with the Swing-Metal L&F (b/c I like it very much); tried simply using JDK5 and etting L&F to Metal, IDEA will still use the "steel" theme, also tried to set the property "swing.metalTheme=ocean" (via -D VM switch), IDEA still uses steel...
Is it possible to somehow enable Ocean? ANyone had success with it? Or does IDEA "manually" (i.e. somwehere in its code) override the "swing.metalTheme" with "steel"?



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