Griffon projects : cannot resolve symbol ...

Friendly greetings !
I just discovered the very fantasticawesome Groovy/Griffon thingy (i knew a bit about Groovy/grails).

But i have a little problem :
- I installed IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3 Ultimate (i'm still in trial) and griffon 0.9.
- I'm under windows, configured environment variable and all.
- i created a griffon-app (GriffonFractal)

When i open the newly created default files there is a lot of "errors" highlighted.
The application seems to work as expected but the IDE isn't happy.

Some exemples :
- griffon-app\conf\BuildConfig.groovy  81:29 : Cannot resolve symbol 'File'
- griffon-app\controllers\griffonFractal\GriffonFractalController.groovy 8:23 : Cannot resolve symbol 'Map'

It probably miss some kind of import (which are automatically imported when compiling?) ?

I'm pretty sure someone here will be able to help, so : thank you in advance :)

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