UML Class Diagram: changes are lost!

If I create a UML class diagram, then modify it some way, these changes are lost as soon as the tab its in is no longer in the open tab set. So closing the tab and then re-opening from the recent list just returns the diagram to the state when it was first created:  ?:|:O.

Is this really the designed behaviour??




If you want your changes to be saved, you have to save it to a file and then work with this file.


And how, may I ask, do you "save it to a file" so that you can "work with this file"?  I tried "Save All", it does nothing.  I tried "Export to file" from the Context menu and it gives me a "save as image" dialog box.  This works great to capture a screen shot but certainly doesn't allow me to "work with this file".  

After spending my time creating the diagram and laying it out so that it looks right, I expect the editor to save and restore the diagram's state so that I can recall it later and make more changes, as needed.  The current situation is like giving me Microsoft Visio without any way to persist my drawing...


There is "Save diagram" button. Use it to save diagram as .uml file and reuse it later.


Thanks.  I sort of expected "Save All" to save the diagram too but at least now I know...


It not worked for me. Any ideas? v2018.1.5


No ideas, please create issue in YT with full info.


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