configure Maven with IntelliJ 9.0

I had hard time importing Maven dependencies one by one while setting up new project. Still some are not recognized.
I tried to 'open project' shared by colleague. But Maven dependencies do not pick up from my local. It is defined in pom.xml, but still some show not found:

C:\...\component\content\model\AbstractContent.class: warning: Cannot find annotation method 'index()' in type 'org.compass.annotations.SearchableProperty': class file for org.compass.annotations.SearchableProperty not found

Is there a way in IntelliJ to import all maven repository (for now local repository) @ a time ?

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That is strange, I had no problems with maven integration. Have you configured the maven settings on IDEA accordingly? It must have your maven and repository paths configured correctly. After that, you add your project pom on the maven manager tab (sorry the lack of detail, I do not have IDEA installed on this computer, and so I cannot look for the right names). I was not able to make IDEA download the dependencies automatically, but for that you just need to execute the package or the compile goal of maven. When your project dependencies are downloaded, IDEA will automatically detects them and import to your project.


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