Tool to HTML encode selected text

In a static HTML page, I have some text containing characters that need to be HTML encoded; it's actually html that will be displayed in a textarea.

Is there a tool in IDEA to do that encoding? At minimum it would replace <, >, & and " with their equivalent HTML entities. I cound't find one, but that seems surprising.


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Since there were no answers on this, I've filed a ferature request. It's here, though it's not really specific to the CFML plugin:

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There are some script plugins for IDEA
I recommend PMIP - ruby plugin

here is sample script on PMIP

import com.intellij.openapi.editor.EditorModificationUtil

class StringToHtml < PMIPAction
  def run(event, context)
    current_editor = context.current_editor
    selected_text = current_editor.selection

# todo find (with help of google) library function and use it: something like java.htmlEncode or ruby.htmlEncode
    out_text = selected_text.upcase

    EditorModificationUtil.insertStringAtCaret(FileEditorManager.get_instance(context.project).selected_text_editor, out_text)
    result 'OK'


bind 'ctrl 1',

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Hmmm, that's a thought, I haven't looked at scripting IDEA at all (fairly new user). Still, this is completely basic functionality for an IDE that supports web stuff in a variety of languages. Not to be a wimp, but I shouldn't have to take the time to learn a scripting environment and write something to do it.

Thanks though, might still check it out, if for no other reason than getting my feet wet in ruby or python etc.



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