Javaee.jar and j2ee.jar libraries are absent in Intellij Idea 9

Hello all!  I just using Intellij Idea 9.0.3. I want to create web based project. So from file menu i created project. Choosed java module, then i want to create the project based on servlets and java beans and struts. So i choosed Web Application + Struts.Now i pressed finish. Now i want to create servlet , i have created it, however compiler shows that javax.servlet* package. is not found.
If open Project Structure->Modules and open project tab, you will see that there is no j2ee.jar or javaee.jar from JavaEE 6. Of course we can add servlet.jar and servlet-api.jar libraries to the project, or include ejb support and get the JavaEE 6 libraries. However when i used Intellij Idea 6,7,8 there was automatically added j2ee.jar library which provided such functionality. So what is the correct way to solve such problem?

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