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I have worked with Eclipse and Netbeans for years and I have recently decided to give IDEA a try.  With IDEA, I've ran into something with CVS that I have never seen in Eclipse or Netbeans...."[partial] Incoming changes".  What are these?  It's quite confusing.  In the Repository tab, the changeset shows all of the files that were in that change.  But in the Incoming tab the change is prefixed with [partial] and only has some of the files.  I'm not sure what is going on here.  What is a partial change and is this expected?


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Hello, Bryon.

Repository tab shows commits that is present on server. You can already have them locally, or don't have jet.
Incoming tab shows changes that are not taken jet to local copy.
If you have only a part of changes of some changelist (that can occur, for instance, if you updated only a subdirectory of local copy), this changelist in Incoming tab is marked as "partial"

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I guess my confusion came from the fact that in my case I had none of the changes locally.  So, based on your response, it appears that I have ran into a bug...correct?  The source I was working with had none of the changes from that changeset locally and yet the incoming change was marked partial and only showed some of the files.  I was afraid that I wouldn't receive all of the changes when I updated, but it did get them all.  This leaves me with an uneasy feeling...  Is this a known bug?


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I think I need more details
Maybe, it's worth to create a ticket
and put details there

For instance, please take one of the lists, and check files that are not in partial list (find the same list in Repository view) - which are "already up to date to IDEA" - what version do you really have?
You can check it with File History

Thank you!


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