64bit JVM and idea.exe

Is there a timeframe of when the launcher will support a 64bit JVM. Right now I am using the idea.bat but it would be nice to use the launcher instead.

I should note I am using Windows 7 (64bit) and the latest Sun's 64bit JVM



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Hello Pete,

Is there a timeframe of when the launcher will support a 64bit JVM.
Right now I am using the idea.bat but it would be nice to use the
launcher instead.

We don't see any benefit in running IDEA under a 64-bit JVM, and because
of that we don't currently have any plans to support it in the launcher.

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with Pleasure!"

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I have just started using the 64-Bit JVM here as the only way to get IntelliJ running with a big heap - We have a large codebase and see frequent memory issues with IntelliJ normally. With compressed oops switched on, we can have a large heap with pretty much no extra cost. This is potentially a big win for us, and it would be great if it was supported by the launcher.

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There is a idea64.exe in  http://jetbrains.net/devnet/docs/DOC-1185, you can download it

First install jdk 64, then create an env variable IDEA_JDK to 64 bit jdk directory

If you use idea64.exe to start IDEA, please create  idea64.vm.properties  to config the JVM

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Thanks. I gave it a go, but it just locks when I try to run it. Annoying.

I tried using the properties file you mentioned, and also tried renaming it to idea64.exe.vmoptions but neither seemed to help. I'm using 9.0.1 so maybe it's a compatibility thing.

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Seriously?  You don't see any benefit to having a launcher that supports a 64-bit JDK?

I have several projects IDEA can't load into a 1GB heap, which is all I can usually manage to use when using the launcher (1280M if I'm lucky).  I'm fine running IDEA myself from a batch file, but having to set this up manually on the machines of the junior developers is a real pain.

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Are you kidding?  Of course there's a benefit in it.  IDEA is a memory hog for larger projects and it works much better if you can give it more heap (which you can't do with a 32-bit JVM).  IDEA runs very well on my linux box using a 64-bit JVM.  I'd like to have the same warm fuzzy experience on my Windoze box.  Having to use the .bat file is a pain.  This should just work out-of-the-box.  It's becoming a 64-bit world, folks.

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I am running idea on x64 JVM all the time because normally I have 3 to 8 projects open.

I didn't use Idea installer to get it working; instead I downloaded the distro ZIP, unzipped it wherever and tweaked the idea.bat.

In the beginning, right after @echo off, I inserted:

set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk6x64
then, further below, tweaked it like this:

SET IDEA_HOME=C:\bin\idea
SET JAVA_EXE=%IDEA_JDK%\bin\javaw.exe

and further down, changed java laucher line to:

start "JetBrains Idea 9.0.3" /MIN "%JAVA_EXE%" -server -Xms800m -Xmx1200m -XX:MaxPermSize=350m -ea %JVM_ARGS% -cp "%CLASS_PATH%" %IDEA_MAIN_CLASS_NAME% %*

Then I created a shortcut to this .bat in my Win 7 menu tree with the Idea icon and voila, it works just as good as your laucher if not better.


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Yeah, I got the bat to work too.  The point is that we shouldn't have to do this.  If we're paying for a product when Eclipse is out there for free, it should be able to do stuff like this.

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Yeah, let's pull an Eclipse card and wave it high, wave it vigorously. Alternatively, you could use Netbeans scare, it works well on Halloween: Boo! :^O

напугал ёжика голой жо

Seriously, compared to how much I have to do to keep other stuff comfy and working the way I want, regardless if it's something as commercial as MS Office plus Visio or as "free" as Linux, it's nothing: 5 lines in a bat changed, submitted to my personal VCS for the record, done. Enjoy. Does not diminish the Idea's value in any way.


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