Maven/SVN integration shortcut lost in 9.0.3

There is a feature I used in 9.0.2 that I miss (and has caused me to revert from 9.0.3).

I work on a HUGE maven project with hundreds of modules.  Worse, the source code is in a SVN repository overseas (with a slow connection).

I loved the "Add Maven Projects" (the plus button) in the "Maven Projects" panel.  I could select the POMs only for the sub-projects I needed.  Behind the scenes, IntelliJ would add the directories to the Subversion directory list (assuming the directory was in Subversion).  And would remove it (via a prompt) when I used the "Remove Maven Projects" action.

However, that no longer occurs, and I have to go to Settings/Version Control and manually add the directory.

Perhaps there is some setting some place to re-enable this behavior, but I cannot find it.


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