Config for class hierarchy error

Hi there,

Given the following structure

interface I{
void doSmth();

class C1{
void doSmth(){}

class C2 extends C1 implements I{
//no definition of doSmth()

Irida 3095 shows an error for the C2 declaration, complaining it's not abstract and does not implement the doSmth() method defined in I.

The code compiles and Pallada does not have a problem with it. I expected this to be a configurable inspection in Irida (which I'd find valuable, since the code construct is confusing), but I couldn't find where to change it to warning. Did I miss it in the error settings list?


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The method defined in C1 would be public, of course.

AO> class C1{
AO> public void doSmth(){}
AO> }


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