Choose which applet to debug

Hi.  I am in an environment where there are multiple applets running concurrently.  We are using the "next generation plugin" which launches each into its own JVM.  All of these applets use the same settings from the Java console for debugging (transport, port, etc).  If I need to debug one of them, I have to shut all but one down in order to attach the debugger to the one I need.  This isn't always acceptable because sometimes I really need more than one open.  Is there any way to tell IntelliJ IDEA which applet I want to attach to?  If I have more than one open, it seems to select the first applet that was started.  Seems like there should be a way to either give them all separate debug settings or to specify which process to attach to.  I tried the java_arguments parameter of the OBJECT tag and it seems to just ignore debug settings.

Anybody know a way to do this?


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