Breakpoints grouping



I'd like to see breakpoints grouping, and the ability to disable a whole group or enable them, and the ability of a breakpoint to be in more than on group at a time (not one by one), this will facilitate debugging more than one problem at a time, or if I want to skip the breakpoints until some point in the code then enable them.


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I believe there are a couple trackers open for this feature.

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I know this issue is around 15 year-old. I have IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2010.3.5, and I still wasn't able to see a feature like the one requested.

The main problem I have now - that I think it would be solved by this new feature - is that I have a number of breakpoints that I would like to enable only after a certain condition is satisfied. My idea is just to create a group with these breakpoints and enable **the group** based on that condition.

It seems that currently I should set the condition to each breakpoint which, in my particular case, is kind of insane.

Am I missing anything? Any help with this problem is much appreciated.



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