How to improve performance with Intellij 9.0.3?

Having bought the new licence and upgraded from version 8 a few weeks ago I am really beginning to regret my decision. I am having on going issues with the CPU kicking into overdrive on a frequent basis causing momentary freezes in the UI response. This is becoming really irritating. Performance is much worse when editing JSP files and I have uploaded a snapshot and am waiting to hear back from support regarding this.

I have tried everything to improve the performance by following all the tips I could find. Including minimising plugins, disabling synchronisation, increasing memory etc. But it is not enough. What are the other ways to stop Intellij causing the CPU to hit 100% when just doing simple file editing.


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What is the name of your performance snapshot file?

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I have contacted support through emaiL:


I have uploaded a CPU snapshot to your uploads directory:

I am running Intellj on Windows XP Service Pack 3, Pentium 3.4 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM

The snapshot is done with a medium sized project. A few files open in the editor.

The snapshot is doing a simple edit on a JSP file. JSP files seem worse than other files.

The CPU rises to 100% for a number of seconds before falling. This also causes momentary freezing. It is very annoying and making my Intellj experience of 9 far from 'pleasurable'. I didn't have this type of issue using version 8.

There are no memory problems (using 100M out of 500M)



The JSP issue is the worst, but I get problems with editing java files as well.
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Hi Dan,

we are working on this. Could you file a YouTrack ticket so that you could
track the progress?

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I would do if I knew how :)

Another issue I am noticing now is that Intellj is failing to highlight all the errors in a file in the right hand margin. As an example an error would be highlighted in the right hand margin near the top of the file. Fix it, it disappears, but scroll down and find more errors (highlighted in the text but not in the right hand margin).

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The highlighting issue is an intermittent error. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


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