one thousand clicks - bad usabillity


i am new to intelliJ and i am a little confused aboud the usabillity.

is there a file system browser where i can use standard tools on a right click like diff, VCS etc.? or it is possible to add an directory to favorites?

is it possible to run maven goals from project view?

My first impression of intelliJ is, that all functionallity i need is in there, but i takes much longer to use them as using a console, because every action is placed in a own view so you have to click many times to reach them....

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Pretty new to IDEA myself, and I don't use Maven, so I can't speak to all your questions, and hopefully others will set us both straight if anything I say is wrong or not optimal.

That said, yes, you can add either files or directories to favorites. You can also  have multiple favorites collections per project, and easily switch between them and full project view.

For instance, I work on a (to me) large project (almost 9k files), that doesn't lend itself to IDEA's module concept. Instead, I have one set of favorites with maybe a half dozen common directories, another with the Java source (which I mostly don't work on but sometimes do, or need to reference), and another with just the main code root directory. It's a simple and flexible systme that meets my needs very well.

However, system right-click actions aren't available IDEA's file tree, unless there's some way to enable them that I'm not aware of. In my case, I've used either IDEA's built-in SVN tools, or just dropped out to the the file system and used Tortoise. There's a 'Show In Explorer' right-click item in the file tree that makes that an easy action.


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for file operations you can install Native Neighbourhood plugin, through plugin manager, or download it here:

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after a weekend i am getting familiar with IntelliJ and i like it very much...

running maven goals can be done via run/debug configurations so it is not necessary to use maven tool window...

but i still missing a file system view because i am working with many different branches of our sources due to live and prerelease support during feature development. It can be very handy to peek into other sources(-versions) without including them to the current project...

And it seems that it is not possible to evaluate expressions during a debug session per cursor and showing the string representation of the evaluated source fragment via tooltip (i loved that feature in netbeans)...

btw. native neighbourhood does not works as expected, it seems to be working under win only (and it does not include any config entries ~/.IntelliJIdea??/config/options/other.xml) so i cant use under gentoo....

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hm, plugin works fine for me on linux (ubuntu dist). Are there any errors thrown?


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