The Book about IntelliJ IDEA [Crosposted from IDEA Community]


I think it will be interesting for Russian-speaking people more than for others, but anyway...

A week ago we (me and Alex Efimov) have startted writning a book about IntelliJ IDEA. It should be a Total IntelliJ IDEA Reference book for Java developers.
And it's a first book about IntelliJ IDEA in Russian.

Writing procces is blogged with LJ community:

We'll very happy for any interest from your side and for some comments or suggestions may be...

Thanks :)

Best regards,
Stanislav Davydov


Congratulations for your effort -- the Java community needs a book like this. Now I just hope that someday we'll see the English equivalent (which I would gladly translate to Portuguese ^^)


It is long overdue that somebody writes an IDEA Book ;)

Will it be a commercial book or a free one?
I can try to translate some chapters into english,
if you are interested - I have some experience using PROMT translator ;)


well, having read the posts in eap community I'm sure
there will be a commercial print version.
So may I ask: do you plan a free online version?
Consider that well - it could help spreading IDEA further ;)


From the LiveJournal (translated via Babelfish)

David grifit (David Griffit) - the author of the majority of inspections - with its Inspection Gadgets is simple monster.

--Dave "Simple Monster" Griffith


The publisher would not care about spreading IDEA. They sell books to
make $$$, cdn, rubles, etc. My guess is that there will NOT be a free
version of it, etc. unless it is underwritten by JetBrains. Haven't you
noticed that more and more technical books do not come with a CD version
of the book. The market has been hit hard.

Norris Shelton
Sun Certified Java Programmer

Michael Damberger wrote:

>well, having read the posts in eap community I'm sure
>there will be a commercial print version.
>So may I ask: do you plan a free online version?
>Consider that well - it could help spreading IDEA further ;)



publisher probably does not care about IDEA, yes...
I thought the book is an effort from Jetbrains, but I
might be wrong ;)

btw. for russian translation I recommend
together with


Thank you! Will hope that it'll be in English too :)


Yes, you're right. It is a commercial book for publishing house BHV-Petersburg
And as I can see it will not be published online for free. It's not the thing that I can decide, unfortunately.

PROMT Oh no! :)) babelfish is better (see my original post: )


I wonder if the Simple Monster can illicit such a response in EAP as in the Community forum... ;)


maybe you can post some sample chapters online ;)

is babelfish better for both directions russian->english and english->russian? I'll give it a try.

for diretion english->russian I very much like the "back translation" feature of
and the dictionary is helpful for russian->english where the automatic translation chooses the wrong meanings.


I can't post a chapters, but I published the book Contents on

babelfish is funny, not better :)


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