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Surprisingly after trying this, I don't think it is possible to search for unused classes alone.
You can however search for unused classes/methods/fields and manually scan the result for classes only:

Run a customized inspection profile:

Main menu Analyze => Inspect Code
- Select the inspection scope, for example "Whole project"
- Button "..." in "Inspection profile" section

  • "Add" a new inspection profile named "Unused",


  • use the rubber toolbar  icon to de-select all inspections


  • type "unused" in the search field, in "Declaration Redundancy" select "Unused declaration" and configure entry points if needed


  • OK

On 12.08.2010 14:41, Roman Gordeev wrote:

Is it possible to find all unused classes in the project?


Original message URL: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5269976#5269976

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Thanks for your anwer.
It's very strange that it's impossible to find such classes with standard tools.
Because every time i open unused class IDEA tolds me that it was no used longer.

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Hi Roman,

Feel free to submit corresponding request for that to IDEA tracker.

Regards, Denis


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