How to Work with Maven Libraries in an IPR when Users Have Different Repository Locations

I'm using IntelliJ 8.1.3, and learning to work with Maven2.
I've created a project, and have defined several dependencies, and everything works fine.
The problem is that the location of my maven repository is set to d:\maven_repository, so the libraries IPR points to this location:

<component name="libraryTable">
    <library name="Maven: javax.jws:jsr181-api:1.0-MR1">
        <root url="jar://d:/maven_repository/javax/jws/jsr181-api/1.0-MR1/jsr181-api-1.0-MR1.jar!/" />
        <root url="jar://d:/maven_repository/javax/jws/jsr181-api/1.0-MR1/jsr181-api-1.0-MR1-javadoc.jar!/" />
        <root url="jar://d:/maven_repository/javax/jws/jsr181-api/1.0-MR1/jsr181-api-1.0-MR1-sources.jar!/" />

When another user tries to work with the IPR (that we share using source control), IntelliJ cannot find this library, since it points to d:\maven_repository. Running a maven build works, but when editing a java file in IntelliJ it doesn't recognize any of the classes in this library, and I can't use them.

How can this be solved? Can't the IPR point to the root of the repository using a variable instead of a hard-coded path?


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Try creating a Path Variable pointing to your repository (Settings->Path Variables).
It will be written into ipr files instead of the absolute path and you will be able to share your projects.


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