Intention light bulb doesn't always come up consistently for the same declaration?

I like when the intention bulb pops up enabling me to quickly create a declaration, yet it doesn't always show up even when I'm doing the same exact type of behavior. For example, I'm often having to do something like...

request.setAttribute(UIConstants.ATTRIBUTE_FOO, "foo");

Most of the time if ATTRIBUTE_FOO hasn't been created in the UIConstants class I'll get the red light bulb letting me quickly create it. However, sometimes I do not get the prompt. Occasionally, I won't get the prompt right away but then after moving my mouse around the area it does show up. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Is there a way I can "force intention prompt?"

TIA (and thanks for those that answered my previous questions.. didn't feel like wasting forum space replying with a 'thanks' but the responses were very helpful).

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