Problems when running integration tests in Idea 9.0.4 vs 9.01


I know that I cannot provide the project and source code set up to reproduce my problem. I can say that when I open the project in idea 9.0.1, I can run integration Junit4 tests that connect to my Weblogic server just fine as it has since version 7.x, When I did a fresh install of 9.0.2 and now 9.0.3, I can no longer run these tests as the connection can no longer be made. Is there any ideas as to what changed in idea 9.0.2 and beyond compared to 9.0.1 that would have resulted in this problem.

BTW, I still wish idea would not grab the focus (Ubuntu 10.4) whenever it feels the need if I am typing somewhere else. Let me click in the ide to move the focus.

UPDATE: What I noticed is that the classpath used when executing the integration test is not the same. The project structure used in 9.01 and now 9.04 is identical. What I see in the classpath is that there are significant differences in the ordering of the include libraries. In 9.01 I see that the classpath follows the dependencies quite nicely. In 9.02 and beyond the classpath seems to no longer consider the dependencies when determining the order of the jars in the classpath. I have not been able to make the classpath in 9.02 and beyond to match the 9.01 classpaths.

Any suggestions as to how I can make the 9.02 version have the same classpath as that which I see in 9.01???


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