Hibernate Facet Missing

In IntelliJ 9.02, if I try to convert my existing project to use a Hibernate Facet or create a new project or module and try to add a Hibernate Facet, under Project Settings : Modules : the Hibernate Facet is missing. When I click on the + add button I see; EJB, Flex, JPA, JavaEE Application, Web and WebServices Client - but not Hibernate. Am I missing something or is this a problem? Basically, I have an existing Maven war project which is a webapp and contains Hibernate Annotations. I would like to enable Hibernate support in my IntelliJ project but the Hibernate Facet appears missing...

This page lists Hibernate support yet on my technologies page it is missing:

Please see the attached image for creating a new project from scratch, the technologies page does not list Hibernate.


Make sure the Hibernate plug-in (named "Hibernate Support") is enabled under Settings | IDE Settings | Plugins (you'll need to restart IDEA after enabling it)

p.s. disabled plug-ins will be grouped at the bottom of the list of installed plug-ins


Thanks... Figured this out after the post... I guess I thought the Hibernate Support was enabled by default and not necessarily a plugin. Thanks for the reply.


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