What does it mean when a filename is shown in red color?

I am running Idea 9.0.2 on Ubuntu 9 (i.e. linux). A couple of files are showing up in bright red color. This happens everywhere the filename is shown. I have attached how the filename looks. Though the example only has css file, this also happens on java files.

I find these extremely distracting. Why do these filenames show up in red? What can I do to fix them?

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That indicates either 1) there was a Version Control System (VCS) merge conflict or 2) that the file was changed as part of two different changelists (i.e. a chage was made while one changelist was active, and another change while a second changelist was active) and that fact has not yet been acknowledged. More info is available in the Help on the  page: IntelliJ IDEA | Reference | Version Control Reference | File  Status Highlights  Also see: IntelliJ IDEA | Concepts | Version Control with IntelliJ IDEA | Changelist


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