Can someone work with IDEA longer than one day ?

I'm using IDEA 4.5.1 on WinXP SP2.
I start IDEA with -Xms128m -Xmx256m.
After one day of working with IDEA (sometimes earlier, sometimes later),
the used memory of IDEA is not getting lesser than 227 MB (this only when i
close all files and press the GC-Button).
If i open a file (even when i just scroll in an open file) memory grows
until the limit in less than 10 seconds and the game starts again.
(memory goes down to 235 and starts growing again)

I need to shutdown IDEA to start normal working again.
This happens every day and is really a pain.


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On Windows XP SP1, I have no problem with regard to memory at all, however my settings are -Xms128m, -Xmx512m.

The machine is a 2.6 Ghz Mobile Pentium CPU with 1 GB memory.

When I open one of my projects (around 4.500 class files plus resources) Intellij 4.5.1 consumes after compile up to around 200 MB of memory, but after some automatic gc the consumption eventually decreases.

Opening up another CVS branch of the same project in another IntelliJ window of cource eats up more memory, but only very rarely lets IntelliJ to freeze or to become unusable.

Even starting the server and the client part of the application, each of them with -Xms128m, -Xms384m, does not affect the behaviour of IntelliJ to a great deal.

I found only performance issues, when working with xml files.

So performance problems might have its reason in the configuration / setup of everyone's project ?

To answer the question: yes, I can work with IntelliJ all day long. I have loaded several plugins - no problems.

Kind regards

Thomas Gülden
Munich, Germany

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Can someone work with IDEA longer than one day ?

No, after approx. 16 hours I need some sleep.


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I guess you need 1GB to work properly with Windows XP.
Currently I got 512MB and it is not enough.
On my machine I have more problems with -mx512 than
with -mx192. Because with -512 the swapping gets terrible.

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are you working on any sort of non local drives. i long ago gave up on the File watcher DLL's in the /bin cause they cause more trouble then they help.

I have directories shared and mounted as separate drives because I need to do that to be able to switch environments quickly with dev tools. Anyway.. I found out long ago that in those situations the dll's not only didn't help but actually caused HUGE memory leaks. Opening file selection dialogs in IDEA caused memory to leak uncontrollably until I closed IDEA or my box crashed!

so try renaming those dll's IDEA will not even hiccup! It disables file watching if the dlls are not present.


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I have the same problem with 4.5.1 (build 2239) under Linux.



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