IDEtalk and Eclipse


I work in an environment where internet access is locked down where I run my IDE so we can't use an internet IM, I would like to use something like IDEtalk, but most of my colleagues use Eclipse.

Does anyone know of a plugin for Eclipse that will communicate with IDEtalk or a standalone client that will communicate?

Is there an alternative plugin for Intellij with an Eclipse plugin?

Any ideas? We have tried a few standalone peer-to-peer clients (there are too many to try them all), but they all seem to have reliability issues.

Thanks in advance


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IDETalk uses XMPP protocol also known as Jabber. You may try installing one of XMPP servers on a spare PC: I have never tried it myself and unfortunately I can't give any practical recommendations which one is better. Also any client supporting XMPP(Jabber) should be able to communicate with IntelliJ's IDETalk plug-in.


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