Mac Keyboard Shutcuts - how to run a test

Can anyone tell me the keyboard shortcut just to perform a 'Run' when I'm coding a test in a grails application.?

This is based on an iMac with latest OS X, using the short keyboard


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You can learn it by right-clicking inside the test class/method you wish
to run and in the editor pop-up menu you'll see a 'Run' item with a
shortcut next to it. For me it's CtrlShiftF10.

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On the mac it shows as ^+Shift+F5

Not quite sure what the ^ key is,   I've tried Ctrl, FN, Alt & the Command Key but neither combination works, so I'm constantly swapping between mouse and keyboard...

After a while it's becoming a little tedious swapping... :-)

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^ stands for Ctrl. It might be possible that the same combination is
assigned to another (possilbly global system) action, you could try
finding it in System Preferences | Keyboard. In IDEA, you can reassign
every shortcut in the Settings | Keymap.


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