Eclipse compiler does not work


I have to use a code that compiles on Eclipse but fails to compile on IntelliJ. I understand that this is the code problem (generics related) but I can't modify it. So I tried to change compiler to Eclipse in the IntelliJ settings. But now compile fails with error:
Cannot run program "d:\software\intellij_idea_community_edition_9.0\jre\jre\bin\java": CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect.

Maybe I should specify something in Additional command line parameters field ? I use IntelliJ 9.0.2 Build #IC-95.66

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Could you please attach the log files from the $idea_system$/log/ directory?

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See the attached archive.

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Thanks Rimvydas,
It seems IDEA will not start the external process.

Could you please also do the following to help us fix the problem:

1. exit IDEA
2. modify your $ideabin$/log.xml file to add following

  <category name="#com.intellij.compiler.impl.javaCompiler.ExternalCompiler">
    <priority value="DEBUG"/>
    <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE-DEBUG"/>

before the last line "</log4j:configuration>"
3. restart IDEA
4. try to recompile the file
5. attach the (now more informative i hope) idea.log file here?

Thanks again,
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See new logs attached.


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