Roll back to defined revision with SVN plugin [?]

Hi, all

Revert just destroys local changes beside from repository version. I am wondering how to return to some revision by number. For example I found that switching from rev. 73 to 68 can be done with following console commands:

  1. svn merge --dry-run -r:73:68
  2. svn merge -r:73:68
  3. svn commit -m "Reverted to revision 68."

It is very frequent situation: perform bad changes and go back to past point of work. As i understand marging is "integrate" in IDEA notation. I do not use branches/tags (changes are minor, project is shared between team).

Manual "Revert changes" from "Changes view" for particular revision is too sluggish when all-files roll back needed.

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Switching a file or directory to a specific revision on the same branch is easy. Right click the directory or file you want to update in the Project View. Select Subversion/Update File or Update Directory to display the SVN Update dialog. Check the box Update/Switch to a specific revision, click the ellipsis button and select the revision you want.

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Thanks. But there are two problems:

  1. on select ellipsis button message appears "svn: OPTIONS of '/svn': 403 Forbidden ("
  2. i tried to roll back with manually type revision number, but some deleted files doesn`t restores.

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