Are there any tutorials on creating a simple spring mvc project?

I want to create a simple spring mvc project using IntelliJ and tomcat.

Are there any tutorials that can guide me step by step? (using spring mvc, annotations etc).

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So I guess there isn't any step by step?

I think it would be a good idea to have a tutorial that does the following:

1. create spring project
2. setup the facets, modules, artifacts etc.
3. setup tomcat
4. create a simple controller, view that outputs 'hello world'.

I can't seem to figure out how all these things work together, I would REALLY like it if someone could guide me through this process.

I created a spring project, but I don't see the spring mvc libraries.

Do I just create the WEB-INF etc. folders myself, and they will automatically get compiled and deployed?

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I checked that there is no dedicated Spring MVC demo on IDEA demos page. Feel free to submit request about that to IDEA tracker.

Btw, you may be interested in common spring tutorial - IntelliJ IDEA Spring Support

Regards, Denis


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