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I am trying to build a new VCS plugin for IDEA; it's going ok, but I added a menu and it is always disabled!

I have




  • RTC VCS menu

public class RtcMenu extends StandardVcsGroup {
  public AbstractVcs getVcs(Project project) {
    return RtcVcs.getInstance(project);

  public String getVcsName(final Project project) {
    return RtcVcs.NAME;

and the StandardVcsGroup.update(AnActionEvent e) is setting the presentation to visible & enabled.


Also, where are the standard actions e.g. "UpdateFiles" and groups, e.g. "VcsGroup", or "VcsGroups" documented - I just copied these from the GIT one.

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hmm - ignore this thread - i thought I deleted it, but it is still half there!


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